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Puzzle TBT

*Inclouding VAT 24%

349.00 - 245.00€

1.710 16.100 120-86-112   not available
1.760 17.300 121-87-113 available
1.810 18.500 122-88-114   not available
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Get ready to get puzzled by the new Elan Puzzle TBT! The secret to the unbelievable ease of riding, jumping and landing lies in the patented triple-base technology. With the middle section flat and the tips and tails slightly lifted, the potential of catching an edge and cutting away unintentionally is reduced, allowing a more relaxed and safer ride. With SST sidewalls for full control, these skis will boost your confidence on jumps and provide perfect landings.

TECHNOLOGY: TBT, SST sidewall, Laminated Woodcore, Fibreglass
GEOMETRY: 120/86/112, 121/87/113, 122/88/114
LENGTH/RADIUS: 171 (16.1), 176 (17.3), 181 (18.5)
BINDINGS: Attack 16.0 w/o brake

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