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Inspire Power Shift

*Inclouding VAT 24%

549.00/440.00€ -20%

1.520 11.600 125-76-107   not available
1.580 13.100 125-76-107
Στο καλάθι
1.660 14.600 125-76-107
Στο καλάθι
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Our Women's specific ski that knows no boundaries, the Inspire PS is easy to control, evokes confidence, and turns gracefully all in an attractive package. Get Inspired!

If you are looking for a ski that does all the things: stays in control, gives you confidence, turns with ease and makes you look good, the Elan Inspire is the ski for you. It’s Powershell Woodcore delivers solid performance to progress and take on more challenging terrain, but it’s efficient enough to help perfect your turn and keep you out on the slopes all day long thanks to Amphibio Truline technology.

Length Radius: 152(11.6), 158(13.1), 166(14.6)
System: Power Shift
Profile: Amphibio
Binding: ELW 10.0 GW SHIFT BLK/PNK
Geometry: 125/76/107

-Amphibio TruLine Technology
-RST Sidewall, PowerShell
-Power Woodcore
-Mono Ti

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