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Amphibio 14 TI Fusion X

*Inclouding VAT 24%

599.00 - 480.00€

1.600 13.100 125-76-104
Στο καλάθι
1.680 14.600 125-76-104   not available
1.760 16.200 125-76-104   not available
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Designed to carve brilliantly with a manageable feel, the Amphibio 14 Ti allows confidence at speed without a punishing ride.

If you are looking for a ski that does all the things: stays in control, maintains pressure to the edge, effectively transfers power from turn to turn; then the Amphibio 14 Ti is the ride you have been waiting for. The titanium reinforced Power shell construction on the 76mm platform is light but durable and reaches new heights of ski performance when combined with Amphibio Truline for uncompromised edge grip and ease.

Length Radius: 152(11.6),160(13.0), 168(14.6), 176(16.2)
System: Fusion X
Profile: Amphibio
Binding: EMX 11.0 GW Fusion X BLK/ORG
Geometry: 125/76/104

-Amphibio TruLine Technology
-RST Sidewall, PowerShell
-Power Woodcore
-Mono Ti

PROFILE_ Amphibio
TECHNOLOGY_ TruLine Technology, RST
Sidewall, PowerShell, Power Woodcore,
Mono Ti

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