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Classic Rock Set 1-10

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Classic Set 1-10
Στο καλάθι
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The rock with its curved sides is a Wild Country original and revolutionised how we protect routes.

Still the backbone of any good rack, the current incarnation is considerably more advanced than its predecessor and significantly lighter as well. Keeping the original groundbreaking curve, rocks now come with thinner, lighter sidewalls, a lateral side taper, anodised heads for quick selection and an extended range – with fourteen sizes in all.

Revolutionary when launched and still turning heads, the fully featured rocks range is the benchmark for the modern climber.

-Tapered sides
-Anodised colour coding
-Lighter, thinner sidewalls
-Fit cracks 7mm to 50mm
-Available in sets 1-8 and 9-14

Classic Rock 1: 16gr/0.56oz 13mm/7mm 6kN/6kN
Classic Rock 2: 25gr/0.80oz 13.8mm/8.2mm 10kN/10kN
Classic Rock 3: 28gr/0.99oz 14.5mm/9.6mm 10kN/10kN
Classic Rock 4: 30gr/1.05oz 15.3mm/11.3mm 10kN/10kN
Classic Rock 5: 32gr/1.12oz 16.8mm/13.3mm 10kN/10kN
Classic Rock 6: 36gr/1.26oz 19mm/15.6mm 10kN/10kN
Classic Rock 7: 38gr/1.33oz 21.2mm/18.4mm 10kN/10kN
Classic Rock 8: 47gr/1.65oz 24mm/21.6mm 12kN/12kN
Classic Rock 9: 60gr/2.1oz 27.7mm/24.4mm 12kN/12kN
Classic Rock 10: 71gr/2.49oz 31mm/30mm 12kN/12kN

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