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Snow Fox

*Inclouding VAT 24%

78.00 - 70.00€

3.000 50x96x23cm Red
Στο καλάθι
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Cheap sled for children from 6 years. Of the serious advantages of this model is the steering wheel to control a pair of skis and the braking system, which is under the right hand. Snow Fox sleds have amazing speed characteristics - this is due to two indicators, firstly, low landing, reduced air resistance, second, two pistes, which reduce the effect of friction during the descent.
Due to the fact that the steering wheel turns two skis, management becomes more clear. The snow scooter is made of thin-walled, durable, frost-resistant plastic, with stiffeners. The seat has a form that prevents the child from slipping. On the right is the handbrake.

Size (WxLxH): 50x96x23cm
Weight: 3kg
Minimum temperature: -20 С
Maximum permissible weight: 75kg

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