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Stick-On Anti-Balling System

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0.045 Trekking Light available
0.055 Tirol available
0.100 For all kind of crampons available
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It´s time for revolution! STUBAI presents the WORLD‘S LIGHTEST ANTI-BALLING PLATE!

Does the thought of attaching an anti-balling plate fill your mind with horror at screws, hooks, stitches and even cables? That’s history now. Stone-age even. These days we simply stick it on – in seconds. Unpeel the back, press together, and voila!

The innovative STUBAI STICK-ON (patented) anti-balling system is made from cold and tear resistant material, and prevents that irritating and (not least!) dangerous build up of snow and ice under your crampon. Because the plate is so thin, your spikes lose neither length nor grip. VIVA LA REVOLUCIÓN!!!

Art. 927014 for Stubai Trekking/Light, 45g

Art. 927016 for Stubai Tirol, 55g

Art. 927019 for all kind of crampons, uncut, 100g. This model can be individually adapted for use to the crampon of your choice. So you can have the world´s lightest and thinnest anti-balling plates even if you do not use one of the models above! Supplied as: 3 pieces á 30x12cm.

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