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ATOMY karabiner with screwgate, anodized

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0.060 101X56mm Red
Στο καλάθι
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Weighing in at just 60g, our ATOMY is one of the world’s lightest screw-gate karabiners. We could have gone even lighter with an aluminium castor, but we couldn’t compromise on the top performance of brass. In a 26 kN Norm breaking strain test, this model cleans up against other karabiners in the same class. Nothing as light and small can touch the strength of the ATOMY.

> Easylock lock
> Brass screw
> High strength
> Light
> Small and handy
> Anodized

Technical data:
Breaking strain 26kN/ 8kN/ 10kN
Gate clearance 16mm
Exterior dimensions 101x56mm
Weight: 60g

Material AL-7075, with brass screw.
Tested to Norm CE EN 12275, EN 362, UIAA 121
Made in Tirol/Austria

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