Ultra 50 Running Shoe Men

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Ultra 50 Running Shoe Men
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The Ultra 50 is a trail running shoe with a comfortable fit and somewhat more cushioning that provides the needed protection on long runs in alpine terrain.

The comfortable Ultra 50 running shoe for men was developed with long trail runs in mind. It is just at home on technical terrain as it is on soft surfaces.

Run without limits – no matter where, no matter how far. On demanding alpine trails, your feet need a shoe that offers all-round protection and a sure grip but not weighed down by anything unneeded. For distances of 40k and longer, you must have good cushioning and a comfortable fit to guarantee top performance all the way to the finish line. The Ultra 50 is the perfect companion to newly define your limits and to tap into your best no matter what the terrain – from the first to the last step.

This lightweight trail running shoe boasts outstanding cushioning and a comfy fit for great comfort on long runs. The Ultra 50’s Pomoca outsole stands out with its open, aggressive tread. This tread offers optimum grip and responsiveness both on dry surfaces as well as in adverse conditions. With a drop of 8 mm and an outsole with an Alpine Rocker design, the Ultra 50 enables a dynamic running style even on technical terrain. Its 3D mesh construction and a seamless tongue ensure you never get any pinching or pressure points from the shoe. A maximum shoe volume enables optimum blood circulation and counters foot fatigue and swelling. Toe box reinforcements and TPU overlays at sensitive areas protect the feet from the effect of impacts on rocky terrain. With its traditional lacing, the shoe can be adapted to fit every kind of foot shape for secure hold. Laces can be stashed on runs in the stretch lace cover to avoid trips and falls. The time-tested DYNAFIT Heel Preloader lends extra support at the heel.

Ultra 50 – Your shoe for long runs, no limits.

Age group: Adult
Product State: New Product
Gender: Male
Weight: 290g
Best for: Protection + support for long runs
Terrains: Dry+wet alpine trails
Reactivity: Level 4
Cushioning: Level 5
Protection: Level 4
Trail Running: Level 5
-FitMaximum Volume
Product Features
-Seamless Tongue
-Alpine Rocker
-Invisible Lacing
-POMOCA outsole
-Pomoca Gliding Path

Frost / Fjord



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