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Semi Automatic Belay Devices

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PINCH – a new belaying experience with the PINCH, a new, versatile assisted braking belay device for use in sport climbing and multi-pitch climbing. The PINCH is the first device on the market that can be attached directly to the central ring of the climbing harness. Thanks to its low, close-to-the-body position, the PINCH does not need to be fixed in place when releasing the rope and the brake rope can always be gripped with all fingers. In addition, the compact belay system provides an increased span, which allows the belayer to pay out 20 – 30 cm more rope at once. The linear rope run through the frontal steel braking grooves reduces rope tangles when lowering and abseiling. In addition to the release lever, the speed can be controlled by the pressure of the braking hand, which contributes to increased braking rope control, especially when using thin, soft ropes. The anti-panic function provides added safety not only for beginners. A special feature is the integrated second braking tier, which enables controlled lowering by pulling the lowering lever further when securing particularly light persons or in systems with high rope friction. Experienced users can permanently deactivate the anti-panic function using a screw supplied. Another plus: When used on multi-pitch lengths, the PINCH is the only device on the market that can be attached to the belay station in four different directions in 90° increments. This means that the belay lever can always be brought into a position in which it can be operated freely.



    • Assisted braking belay device for versatile use in sport climbing and multi-pitch climbing
    • Position close to the body due to direct harness connection increases brake rope control and improves usability
    • Direct harness connection eliminates the risk of cross-loading the belay carabiner
    • Anti-panic function can be deactivated for increased safety by automatically locking the device if the release lever is pulled too far backwards
    • Second braking tier if the anti-panic function is activated too frequently due to insufficient load and/or excessive rope friction
    • Frontal steel brake grooves allow the rope to run linearly and ensure less rope tangling, increased durability and prevent unsightly discoloration that occurs when the rope rubs against aluminium
    • Attachment to the stand in four different directions in 90° increments
    • Equal operation for right and left-handed users
    • Suitable for dynamic ropes from 8.5 to 10.5 mm diameter



    • UIAA
    • Approved rope diameter: 8,5 – 10,5 mm
    • Certification : EN 15151-1
    • Material : Steel/ALU
    • Mechanical

Anthracite Oasis

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